Last November, I had a brilliant (or not so brilliant) idea.

I decided to start a facebook page, The Coeliac Hub to share information about coeliac disease and gluten related disorders. I was tired of hearing people complain about issues and the lack of available information on our Maltese social media groups so I thought, why not?

As a health care professional I had access to journals and latest research. As an Australian registered physiotherapist I could search Australian websites and could share this information with people by writing articles that were easier to understand if one did not have a medical background. As my page grew, I realised that most of my followers were from diffrent parts of the world, and I was humbled by that. I wish to thank you all for taking the time to read my posts.

However, I also set up a closed Facebook group so that people from my country could discuss issues that concerned them. My major rule was that there were to be no adverts at all since the other local groups seemed to be full of adverts which for me causes bias.Since then, I have sent countless emails about pending issues in Malta, done hours of research and written up many many articles. However, today I will say goodbye, at least for a while.

I need a break.

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, and we are a passionate bunch. We also like to complain but do nothing about it unfortunately. I am currently viewed as the person who tries to ruin everything for everyone just because I ask questions and try to ensure the law regarding gluten free labelling is abided for our own sakes. A few appreciate my efforts, the reality is that most don’t.

We complain about things, but most of us do not really want things to improve at the end of the day. The idiom ”Nobody does anything for nothing” is really not accurate. I never gained anything from what I do except for a few ”thankyou’s” from a few. I did however, get alot of bad feelings and abuse targeted towards me.

So I wish you all the best of luck. I hope that I will get the courage back to continue with what I have been doing, but for now, as I said, I need a break.

Farewell for a while, and thank you to all of my followers xx

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I’m just an average coeliac who loves the occasional piece of (gluten free) cake.



I follow a gluten free diet. I follow it because I have coeliac disease. I did not start a gluten free diet because I wanted a healthy lifestyle change. I followed a relatively healthy well balanced diet even before my diagnosis. I still do now. 


But I love the occasional treat. I really do.


I do not follow a paleo diet. I do not purposefully seek out carb free or fat free foods. I do not make sure that all my food is GMO free. And since I do not have any other intolerances or allergies I do drink milk- normal shop bought cow’s milk, not home made almond, hemp or coconut milk. I do eat corn. And I do eat cake sometimes.


I admire people who follow a plant based diet, who make sure all their foods are organic, or that their meat is grass fed and who drink green smoothies for breakfast. But I am not one of them. I know some of these things will lead to a healthier life, but I still am not willing to do that.


So why is it that almost every time I search through gluten free recipe blogs lately it makes me feel like I am an unhealthy slob for using real butter instead of coconut oil, or for using even unrefined sugar instead of stevia. Why is it that when a person asks a question about a certain type of gluten free pasta they almost always have somebody berate them for eating corn that is not certified GMO free?


Some of us are just people who happen to have coeliac disease, who have to follow a gluten free diet. Some have other intolerances, so have to eliminate some other foods from their diet. But not all of us are willing to completely change our diets to grain free, lactose, sugar, nut and meat free diets if we don’t have to. We did not start a gluten free diet out of choice and we follow it for life.


I am still an average coeliac who follows a balanced diet that includes lots of natural gluten free foods, and tries to live a healthy lifestyle. But I still want my cake. And I want it the way I like it. That isn’t so wrong is it?




Note: In this article I am in no way encouraging people to eat unhealthy foods. I know that gluten free food can be full of preservatives, are high in sugars and fats and are low in important nutrients. But I believe in everything in moderation, and if a person wants to eat something ‘bad’ but gluten free occasionally, I think that is their decision. As always, a healthy well balanced diet is important, and a gluten free diet should be based on natural healthy gluten free foods. A healthy diet should be coupled with exercise to prevent health complications like diabetes 2, cardiovascular diseases and many more conditions and diseases.



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