Are you already on a gluten free diet and find the thought of a gluten challenge distressing? There is hope.


Many people with symptoms from gluten are unable to be tested for coeliac disease because they have already removed gluten from their diet.

At present, when a person who is already established on a gluten free diet wishes to be tested for coeliac disease, they have to take a gluten challenge. This consists of re-introducing gluten into the diet for several weeks. I had written about it in this blog a few weeks ago.

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However, for  many people who start a gluten-free diet without a formal diagnosis, re-introducing gluten for several weeks is often difficult and distressing. Some are not willing to go through the ordeal, or stop before the gluten challenge is completed because they feel so unwell.

There is good news though. A new blood test is being developed to diagnose coeliac disease , and preliminary tests on 48 participants has found that the blood test can diagnose coeliac disease accurately after only three days of gluten consumption. Results can be obtained within 24 hours. This removes the need to take the gluten challenge for several weeks or months before an endoscopy is done to obtain intestinal biopsies. It should improve detection of coeliac disease, with the possibility of avoiding intestinal biopsies.

This blood test is being developed by  the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia and their colleagues from ImmusanT in Boston, US.

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4 thoughts on “Are you already on a gluten free diet and find the thought of a gluten challenge distressing? There is hope.

  1. Thanks Candie for this information. I have just met a friend who was diagonised when she was abroad about 16 years ago and when she came back the Maltese doctors told her that her symptoms are mild! I cannot understand that! And now she is afraid to eat gluten for 6 eeeks to get herself diagonised again in Malta. I am sure she would be pleased to hear this news.


  2. Thanks for your comment Mary Anne. Unfortunately this new test could still be years away from being used. It is still being developed.

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I can understand how distressing it would be to eat gluten again. It is strange that they want to test her again and put her through all that if she was already diagnosed abroad. Once you are diagnosed with coeliac disease, you have it for life.

    Please do share the info with her though. It is always good to know about any developments that can make our lives easier.


  3. This sounds perfect for me. Like many women, I’m holding together a family of young child, overworked husband, elderly mother. I can’t afford to go on a gluten challenge and be ill for many weeks, the family would fall apart.

    Thanks for posting this 🙂


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