Candie's Adventures in Gluten-free Land

Bio: Hello! Wecome to my blog! I am a physiotherapist who obtained my degree from the University of Malta in the year 2000. I previously worked in various acute hospital settings in Malta and Australia, but I am currently on a career break to look after my young daughter. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 7 years ago after struggling with health issues for many years. Since my diagnosis, I have developed a keen interest in finding out more about coeliac disease and related issues. I am amazed at the amount of misiformation that can be found about the gluten free diet and about coeliac disease itself. I hope to increase awareness about gluten related disorders and about the gluten free lifestyle with my blogs and my facebook page, 'The Coeliac Hub'. I aim to give scientifically backed information and dispel common myths and inaccuracies. I started my second blog, 'Candie's Gluten-free Reviews' in addition to this one because I feel that honest reviews are important, especially when it comes to gluten free claims. I hope you will find my blogs helpful. Candie x

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