Clarification from the Coeliac Association of Malta regarding Holy Communion for coeliacs

The Coeliac Association of Malta have kindly clarified the process of Holy Communion using gluten reduced hosts or Communion using wine only.

Below please find their explanation that has been copied from the email I received earlier today:

The low gluten host should be placed in a teka and separate from the normal hosts. When Coeliacs come for the hosts they are advised to tell the Celebrant not to touch the host but to give them the teka containing the Host to receive Communion.  Most priests are aware that they are to avoid the risk of contamination but every now and then you do come across a priest who does not realise this, so it is important to bring it to their attention. Once the priest gets used to the Coeliac there should not be any more problems.
Most Coeliacs receive Holy Communion together with the rest of the congregation and not in the sacristy after Mass, unless the Coeliac requests this himself.  They agree with the Celebrant before Mass whether to go up first or last.  Some priests even tell Coeliacs to go up any time they prefer and they are given the teka when it is their turn to receive Communion.
Those who opt to receive Communion with the consecrated Wine do not take the Wine from the priest’s chalice but they have their own small chalice or a suitable container and the priest pours the wine directly into this before consecrating and not from his chalice.
Of course it is better if a Coeliac always goes to Mass at the same Parish or Church as the priests will become more familiar with the procedure.
With some persons it does take a while to get accustomed to receive Communion in a different way to the rest of the congregation, but with time it gets easier, also because there are now more Coeliacs receiving Communion this way.
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